Thursday, February 22, 2007

Parque del Plata, Canelones

I've spent the last few days in Parque del Plata, Canelones, Uruguay, along with my familiy for the carnival holidays.

Parque del Plata is one of a series of beachside villas/towns (balnearios) by the coast of Canelones. All of them very peaceful, green, with nice beaches, reasonably good renting prices, and most important around 50km from Montevideo. They make for good weekend escape spots.

These are not trendy places, like Punta del Diablo, Cabo Polonio, or Punta del Este, but still they are nice and have good beaches. Some of them are Marindia, Atlantida, Las Toscas, Parque del Plata, La Floresta.

All this places are kinda dead during most of the year and come alive in the summer season. Atlantida is the biggest of them all, and the one with best nightlife, restaurants, pubs and discos. It is also the place where El Aguila is located.

In particular Parque del Plata, and Atlantida host an increasing amount of retired couples that are choosing to live all the year in these places, escaping from the city.

Parque del Plata has some of the best dunes in the coast of Uruguay, that is why is not uncommon to see people practicing sandboard in the beach.

By the way I'm a brand new uncle (hooray!). In the following slideshow you get to see my mother proudly walking her three weeks old granddaughter, Maria Lucia.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiul photos of Parque del Plata, Canelones. My parents are from Uruguay and had until recently, a house in Salinas, Canelones. Our other friends had a lovely house in Parque del Plata close to the beach and seeing your photos reminded me of so many wonderful visits there. Our long time friend, Norma Di Landro-Oliver used to take the pine branches that fell from the trees and use them to make her famous " faena" and 'pizza rusticas" in the brick oven she had there. Now, our family goes out to Punta del este, but, we always stop by Parque del plata to look at the dunes, the sea, and take in the air ! Its is a lovely place !

Thank you again from bring back such lovely memories. Saludos a la familia ! Les deseo mucha paz, mucha alegria, mucho amor, y prosperidad a todos Uds.


Leonardo Antonio Sosa- Suarez

gabouy said...

thank you leonardo for your feedback!

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کلایمر در اهواز said...

Si Rodrigo, parece pastel, pero es torta frita!!!

Angel17 said...

Parque del Plata is one of the nicest and most peaceful beaches in Uruguay.