Sunday, September 30, 2007

Camping in Santa Teresa

I came across this video about Santa Teresa in youtube, which looks like it was created by brazilian surfers and I couldn´t help posting it. It pretty much resembles some of my own memories.If you are into surf & camping and happen to be in Uruguay in summer don´t miss it. ...

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Abortion and Sexual Diversity

Yesterday night there was a demonstration in Montevideo to support sexual diversity and to help make abortion legal.

Many women die in Uruguay as well as in other countries because abortion is illegal and women can't get proper medical attention. There is big concern about this now, you can hear ads on the radio that say that 60% of Uruguay's population supports making abortion legal and that the government should hear their citizens. This demonstration was intended to make a statement in this sense. Many people were holding the orange hands that read "Voto a Favor" (I vote in favor of this).

Dj Paola Dalto was playing happy music to make the demonstration more fun. There was a bus with music and many transvestites dancing to the rhythm of it.

The other cause that these people were supporting was sexual diversity. Transvestites and gays want discrimination to stop and they wore costumes and had a lot of fun during the walk.

The demonstration started in Plaza Independencia and ended in Plaza Cagancha with a show by Dani Umpi and many speeches about the law and sexual discrimination. There were many many people there which is quite unusual for a conservative country like Uruguay. It looks like we are changing fortunately :)


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