Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Uruguay Places, Colonia de Sacramento

We’ve recently been to Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay with my girlfriend, and I feel like paying a tribute post to the place. If you’ve never heard of it, check out the post where I introduce Colonia in this blog. It’s basically one of the top five places worth visiting in Uruguay.

Sometimes when we feel like recharging batteries we go to Colonia de Sacramento. It’s the sort of place you go when you want to escape from the city, noise, technology, etc. Make sure to take your special someone and a good book. That’s pretty much all is needed to spend a great weekend there.

What do you do there? Well, you walk the cobbledstone streets. You browse the crafts offered by the artisans, you enjoy the sun in the mini port, you eat some sea food. You dine in some romantic, candle lighted, stone walled restaurants.

You probably don’t want to be there more than two, or three days or you may get bored.

It caught my attention the number of tourist we saw there this time, we could hear English, French, and German being spoken at our sides. It's been always a very touristic place, but argentineans used to be the only foreigners around. Now the place seems so much more cosmopolite, I guess it's been included in the visit buenos aires one week circuit.

We stayed in a little familiar place, called Hotel Leoncia for 55 bucks a night. The place is not great, it's ok, and we had dinner in a place in the historic part of the city for around 27 usd both of us.

Here are some pictures of our retreat to Colonia...



Anant said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ant said...

We drove down to Colonia last month. Another interesting fact about the place, there are no traffic signals.
You can see the Buenos Aires skyline from the top of the light house on a reasonably clear day. We spent only a day there. Its quite nice.

Also Gabo, what are the other places in your top 5 list?

gabo_uy said...

ant, my top places to visit in Uruguay list, in no particular order, would be:

Colonia de Sacramento
Maldonado, Piriapolis
Maldonado, Punta del Este
Rocha, Cabo Polonio

Vicky said...

que lindo ver fotitos de uds en colonia !!! dale para adelante al leoncia !! que sirve para hacer un paseito potable y economoico !! jeje !
papa por el 20 de set vuelve a mvd asi que ahi les ira el cable de la camaraaa !!! beso enorme a los dos !! Vicky

gabo_uy said...

vicky!!! too bien? aquella ya se peleo con el leoncia, no quiere saber de nada porque no le gusto la habitacion que nos dieron esta vez.

gracias x el cable :)


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