Wednesday, October 05, 2005


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Uruguay Yerba Mate
Mate is the name of a typical beverage of the river plate zone, shared with south of brazil and argentinians. It's an infusion of a weed named "yerba" (wich actually in spanish means weed), like tea, but the weird thing is that it is drinked (sipped actually) in a special recipients made out of a dried, hollow "fruit" (it's kinda small pumpking) called mate, wich names the whole thing. You sip it with a metal thing called "bombilla". There I've said it. It's like coffe, some sort of stimulator, very popular among students to start the day, and to stay awake until late.

Uruguay Yerba Mate 2
Half of the population or more are on it, people carry their own "mates" to work, and it's also a social drink, it's unpolite to have mate and not offer, and if someone requests "a mate", while you are having it's almost illegal to deny it.

Uruguay Yerba Mate 3


Cascabel said...

I'm just reading through your blog :-) I'm very interested in Uruguay because my daughter spent there one year as an exchange student. She was very happy there and made many, many friends. Next year we hope to go there and visit all the places she has talked about.

I made an entry in my blog (also in english :-), with a lot of photos) about how she was teached to drink mate. You can check it out here

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for your blog.
I am a Chinese. Now more and more Chinese began travelling to Uruguay. For me, it is the same condition. Besides, I heard that there is a well-famed exposition in Uruguay called the Expo. Prado. I got a great interest in it. I wonder if there is a great and beautiful Exhibition Hall for us to visit in Uruguay.

YerbaMan said...

Hi, I am blogging about yerba mate. Let's exchange links. My email is "visarga at gmail dot com". My blog is

Bill said...

my family always preferred Brazilian mate to Argentine as it was less bitter and lasted longer

Anonymous said...

Mate came from Argentina first.

Pachorro said...

Mate come from Paraguay, first, and it is a tradition in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, mostly. Just take a look at:

Anonymous said...

Hey Gabouy, the hallow fruit used for mate is a gourd (English) name for the type of pumpink that you are explaining which is a fruit. And the "bombilla" people understand better if you say is a type of straw that you sip from.

Anonymous said...

people in uruguay not only drink the weed but they also smoke it

i've been living in montevideo for two years and I find it very pleasant. A lot of weed

Hammstah said...

Hi Gabouy!
I am a public relations - marketing - sports marketing professional in Chicago, but our economy is terrible as is the job market. I am fluent in Spanish, conversation in Portuguese, and always heard fantastic things about Uruguay. I am interested in possibly relocating to Uruguay from the U.S. Would you please contact me, perhaps you can answer some business questions?

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