Sunday, October 16, 2005

Food, dulce de leche

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Uruguay dulce de leche tar
Dulce de leche is a creme, made with milk and sugar (hence the name), with kinda caramel flavor, but better ;) You can find it everywhere in Uruguay's sweet food, cakes, everything. I guess it's part of the uruguayan culture. As a kid I thought all the world had dulce de leche, and that all the world eated it as much as we do. To my surprise little is known of dulce de leche outside the river plate zone. I have concluded that for mysterious reasons the uruguayan population has developed an addiction to this stuff, I know I'm on it. It's one of the things uruguayan's living offshore miss the most. It's also one of the many things uruguayan's and argentinian's debate on who invented it, I say Uruguay :)

It's not a dish on itself, as it supposed to be eaten along with other things, bread, in cakes, you name it, but the chubby uruguayan won't doubt to grab a spoon full of dulce the leche lick it like there's no tomorrow, and when finnished, go get some more.


Patrick said...

I plan to visit Uruguay on Tuesday for a three week driving tour.

Being a plump rural Irisman who is addicted to sweetened condensed milk, I can hardly wait to try the Dulce de Leche :-)

gabo_uy said...

ok, funny fact, i've just learned that something very similar to "dulce de leche" is called "cajeta" in Mexico and the caribbean countries.

The funny thing is that this same word is used for very very different purposes in the river plate region.

Jackie May said...

We had an exchange student from Argentina, and she brought 5 jars with her. We ate it until we could eat no more. It has been a few years since I have had it, but I can still remember how good it is. Do you know if you can get it in the states???

Leo said...

First of all, thanks for a great blog! I am from Uruguay but have been in the USA for a lonnnngggg time.
To Jackie: you can get Dulce de Leche shipped to your home anywhere in the US from:

clewis said...

Hi! I thought I saw an article on line about Argentina declaring Dulce de Leche a National Product in order to restrict Uruguay's exportation of it... has anybody heard of this? I can believe it as it is such a delicious and totally addictive condiment!
I am looking for the article for a presentation on the history of Dulce de Leche ...

Anonymous said...

Dulce de Leche is all over the Americas. From Mexico to the extreme south, including Brazil. It was actually invented in Normandy in the 14th century. But it might have older origins. After humanity has know milk and sugar for thousands of years. Kinda hard to believe it was "accidentally" discovered in Argentina. Another urban legend!!!

sandy said...

Uruguayan food is the best, we eat it here in australia/home, all the time, coz my dads Uruguayan, we love to eat Asado about twice a week..n Dulce De leche is a must wen we make Pancakes..yummi
if they eva stop making Dulce De Leche, i will break down and cry lol =p ITS AWESUM =)

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody. Many years ago I found something very similar to Dulce de leche, it's called Apple dip" and you can find it in major supermarket chains (Kroger, Publix, etc.), just make sure it's not the "fat free" version of it, because that one is horrible.
Before discovering Apple Dip I tried boiling cans of condensed milk, but nothing come close to the delicious taste of the real thing.

Horazio said...

When I was a kid,in Italy,twice a year my grandmother would come to visit us from Uruguay and she always brung with her jars of "dulce de leche"

Siti said...

mmmmm...yummy...Here we cannot find dulce de leche at all..hopefully it will break the Asian market soon :)

Anonymous said...

Argentina invented Dulce de Leche!

John Goodwin said...

On the subject of dulce de leche and its availability outside of Uruguay (and Argentina), an ice cream company in the UK actively markets a product containing dulce de leche. Can't remember who makes it though....

I know of the delights of dulce de leche because of my Uruguayan girlfriend who I met in the UK whilst she was travelling. Moved here 3 months ago.

to all.

Johhnyboy - Englishman in Montevideo ;-)

Anonymous said...

I guess this is not news for anybody living outside of Uruguay for many years but...yes apple deep is kind of similar to "dulce de leche" is simple caramel. Also for the ones like us, that after years far away we manage to survive without it, we make "Dulde de Leche" boiling cans of sweetened condensed milk for about 45 minutes just made sure is always covered by water!!! I know is not totally the same but is the best substitute I found over the years! We love it with french pancakes, to fill cakes, just on a toasted bread. And by the way Tienda Inglesa last time I tried to order couldn't found anything in USA, email them and received the news they have closed stores in the USA. I guess that maybe where are a big population of Rioplatenses the local supermarkets are carrying our produts, unfortunately none is close to me! But yes we do have Dulce de Leche ice cream now almost at any supermarket, made by differet companies. And the Americans are discovering it and getting addicted to it pretty fast!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! I live in Quebec (french-Canada)and last year three food chains, same owner,came up with this amazing dulce de leche....I thought it was just another caramel to put on the ice cream.....NOT! It's THE most delicious thing I've ever eaten, I did finish the jar with a spoon. I don't buy it often because well, you can guess what happens... the stores are Provigo, Loblaws and Maxi....if you come up here do not miss your chance!

seaincaracas said...

My husband is from Chile so I was introduced to Dule de Leche when we first met. We now live in South America and are travelling all over. Dulce de Leche is definately a South and Central American thing, called many different things depending on the region - arequipe (Venezuela), dulce de leche (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Panama, Guatemala), cajeta (Mexico), manjar (Chile, Bolivia)etc. The closest thing you can get in North America/Europe is to boil a can of sweetened condensed milk for an hour or so - slow, rolling boil, keep the can constantly covered. Of course, if you live in an area with a large Latin population you might be able to find it in an ethnic grocery store there (made by Nestle in most of South America). It is popular all over South and Central America in desserts and for breakfast (spread on waffles, pancakes, or toast; also the famous torta mil hojas, alfahoras, etc.). Who doesn't love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've eaten "Dulce de Leche" from South and Central American countries, but the best one to me is the Uruguayan dulce de leche. I'm not an expert on that, but I think what makes the difference is the simple reason of that the uruguauan dulce de leche is made of milk and sugar, while the others are made with sugar and part of milk and part of water, and some colorants, what makes them taste more like caramel. That's why the uruguayay one is more creammy and yummiiii!!!

Anonymous said...

i hate these weird country comment pages due 2 the fact that i cant even speak spanish besides como te llamo which means wat is your name rite? so if you are going 2 put food on here try hamburgers and fries cause i can spell that!!!!! BK HAVE iT YOUR WAY!!!!!!! SUCKERS

Anonymous said...

First of all dulce de leche is from Uruguay. The very best one is by far dulce crema de leche made by Conaprole.. Many different namebrands, but no one like this one!!
I wish I could get some of it here in Illinois, Usa. and faina from the orilla (special flour only from uruguay). This goes together with muzzarella and it is very crounchy.
Saludos a todos

Anonymous said...

You can find Dulce De Leche all over the US, you just have to know where to look. If you go to hispanic food stores there will sometimes be sections with Dulce De Leche. and now there's Dulce De Leche being sold in Walmart! it comes in a can and it's usually next to the condensed milk in the spanish food aisle. it's easy to find if you know where to look. Been living in the US for 10 years now and have never had to go without it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gabo,

I'm argentinian ... and I heard chileans say dulce de luche was invented by them!!! so there we are... anyway.

I'm living in France and here it exists as well. It is called "confit de lait" o "confiture de lait". French people decline it in different flavours (with salted butter, cognac touch, etc.) and is very good. Though not exactly the same as the one we eat in the Rio de la Plata coasts, it is still very good and I'm lately even prefering its lighter consistency.


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