Saturday, September 29, 2007

Abortion and Sexual Diversity

Yesterday night there was a demonstration in Montevideo to support sexual diversity and to help make abortion legal.

Many women die in Uruguay as well as in other countries because abortion is illegal and women can't get proper medical attention. There is big concern about this now, you can hear ads on the radio that say that 60% of Uruguay's population supports making abortion legal and that the government should hear their citizens. This demonstration was intended to make a statement in this sense. Many people were holding the orange hands that read "Voto a Favor" (I vote in favor of this).

Dj Paola Dalto was playing happy music to make the demonstration more fun. There was a bus with music and many transvestites dancing to the rhythm of it.

The other cause that these people were supporting was sexual diversity. Transvestites and gays want discrimination to stop and they wore costumes and had a lot of fun during the walk.

The demonstration started in Plaza Independencia and ended in Plaza Cagancha with a show by Dani Umpi and many speeches about the law and sexual discrimination. There were many many people there which is quite unusual for a conservative country like Uruguay. It looks like we are changing fortunately :)



gabouy said...

great pics tali (as usual:)!

Ypoque said...

I am surprised that abortion is still illegal in Uruguay. I would have thought it was the one country in South America where it would be legal. After all, if they can insist on calling Easter week "Semana de Turismo", they should be able to have abortion no?

gabouy said...

it's interesting what you say, despite being quite atheist as a nation, we've become somewhat conservadurists.

afaik there have been two abortion law projects, and they have been rejected by the president who has that power. Tabare our current president as a doctor is against it.

gilariverrider said...

With abortion legal elsewhere, and Uruguay's best and brightest emigrating you would think the country would rather not reduce its future simply out of sexual convenience.

A short trip to where abortion is legal should be fine.

Medical issues can be greatly exaggerated as we in the United States have learned where several million future citizens are wasted through abortion.

As for sexual diversity? We have it and you want it??? Homosexuals now have the right to marry and, if you even speak a negative thought against a gay person you will be arrested by the police in some communities. In California they are allowing only one type of public bathroom, for everyone. Even perverts will use the same toilet as your children do.

A photographer in Colorado was fined $6,500USD because he refused to hire out to photograph a lesbian wedding. A father recently was arrested for trying to take his 6 year old child out of her classroom because the lesson was all about homosexuality and its ok. Is this what Uruguay wants?

Diversity is fine, to a point. That is, until the minority begins to dictate to the majority what is right and wrong. That is what is happing here.

GBLT in the US is 3% or maybe 7% of 300,000,000 people - but that small minority is dictating that schools now teach children as young as 6 years old about homosexuality.

If this is what you want for your good country, then keep it up. Because this is where it goes.

You complain about 12.8% of the population being over 65 yet your young women want the right to terminate Uruguay's future young population?

Be careful of what you wish for, you may get it.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree wholehearty with "gilariverrider" in almost all her/his coments:

We protestant christians or conservative minded people are even in some cases incarcerated if you speak against the homosexuals. Few know though that this is a comunist/liberal doctrine, they claim for "tolerance" but they are not tolerant of us who tell them the truth, and the truth is found only in the Bible. Jesus said that He is the way and the life and nobody can come to the Father but by Him, abortion and all these pervertions are sins, and as in all laws we have to pay for wrong doing. Now, can a homosexual be forgiven if he repents? Of course yes! We are all sinners and need to be punished, in hell. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Isaiah 5:20

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! John 3:16

Please dear compatriots, our older ones fought for this country that it may be free from the tyrants, ironically Uruguay is just following the steps of many other wicked nations who hate God, it´s citizens and freedom.

There´s freedom still for anyone who may come to Christ, freedom yes, but also persecution. Please read this link:

PS: gilariverrider, you may want to check

Greetings to everyone,
Joao Fandiño

Anonymous said...

As a last comentary, our men fought for this country either you like it or not, and we enjoy freedom for their sacrifices. Many other countries such as China, or Russia, etc don´t have freedom as we do in this part of the world.

In one part of our anthem there´s a nice reminder of why tyrants should tremble:

"...Freedom, freedom, eastern landsmen,
This cry saved our country,
Inflaming its brave men
With enthusiasm in fierce battles.
Freedom, freedom, eastern landsmen,
This cry saved our country,
Inflaming its brave men
With enthusiasm in fierce battles.
We merited the glory of this sacred gift.
Let tyrants tremble!
Let tyrants tremble!
Let tyrants tremble!
Ah, in the fight we shall clamour for freedom
And, dying still cry for it,
And, dying still cry for it,
Still cry for it,
Still cry for it."

"Tiranos temblad..."

Honor to those Uruguayan men who fought great wars.

Joao Fandiño

PS: here´s our complete anthem, it´s worth a check, and remember:

Nick Name said...

Both legal abortion and the embracing of 'diversity' are degeneration and death. Do not go near this garbage.

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