Sunday, December 24, 2006

La Rambla

From La Rambla
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One of the perks of living in Montevideo, Uruguay, definitely is the walk by the coast, and the beaches on it, which is known here as La Rambla de Montevideo(don't ask me why).

La Rambla goes from Ciudad Vieja to Carrasco in Montevideo, the most popular part of it is the Pocitos's neigborhood one, La Rambla de Pocitos.

It's the favorite place for montevideans to chill out, have a beer, or mate with bizcochos along with friends, or family, specially in spring and summer time. It's also a great place for doing some sports, like: jogging, biking, fishing, beach volley, beach football, or just walk.

Some say is what Buenos Aires lacks, and porteños envy the most of montevideans, but I'm not sure about that. I'll just leave you with a photo album, that I hope explains better what the Rambla is all about...

By the way, merry xmas!


Anonymous said...

I love your blog, it's very interesting. Montevideo is not the nicest place in Uruguay though; we have just got back from a few days in Uruguay, Montevideo has some nice bits but it's like all big cities and the beach is not the best. We stayed at a really beautiful spot in Lavelleja, near Minas, much prettier than Montevideo.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that every Montevidean who visits Chicago loves it, and I think I understand why. The Rambla closely resembles Chicago's Lake Shore Drive.

Horazio said...

I love the rambla. I am from Pocitos...well,I was when I lived in Montevideo.

I like it in the morning when there are the locals, I hate it in the evenings when all dirty people from the slums arrive..especially in summer.

gabo_uy said...

Hey Argentinean,

Hi, how is it called that spot in Lavalleja? Maybe it's worth a post :)

thanks for your feedback,

Anonymous said...

Great blog gabo_uy!

I am a Uruguayan living in USA for 9 years now. Your blog is more informative than many “official” sources, such as tourist books or so. Great job!

Let me tell you something else about “La Rambla”. If you ask 100 people from Montevideo living abroad what do they miss the most about Uruguay, no less than 80 will tell you “La Rambla”.

Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree more with the last comment! I got back yesterday to the feeezing cold of NYC and I always miss (besides my family) is walking on the Rambla in Pocitos.

Anonymous said...

y para cuando la vercion en español..
(en uruguayo).. ?

Anonymous said...

The place near Minas was at km127 on the ruta north from Montevideo. We also went to Villa Serrana (you do mention these places in a blog entry). It was beautiful countryside, and we saw lots of birds, including hummingbirds, parakeets and some rhea.The last line of my first entry should say we are not Argentinean!

Analia said...

Me encantó tu blog, necesitaba algun artículo sobre carnaval y llegué hasta aqui, WoW la verdad es q esta genial. Puedo linkearte? di que si!!! Cariños, Analia

gabo_uy said...

analia, gracias! linkea tranquila, salutes!


Anonymous said...

que slums ???, culo roto!!!.... cuando compraste la rambla sorete????!!!!

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